Moreland and Sons had planned to move their corner shop at the flashing light in Key Center in about 18 months but Eric Moreland and Steve Skibbs, of Windermere, reached a mutual agreement that made now the right time.

Building plans for a second store on the Moreland garage property are about one year out. Moreland thinks having the parts and service businesses combined improves the company’s ability to serve customers. The combination allows technicians to be available to help people who want to do their own parts installations.

Everything from the corner parts store has been moved into the service garage except for the showroom, according to owner Eric Moreland. Bringing the two stores together has made it possible to “notch things down a little bit and enjoy life,” Moreland says.

The Moreland Automotive corner property was purchased by Steve Skibbs. Skibbs is part owner with Joyce Tovey of the KP Windermere office across the street from the Key Center flashing light.

According to Skibbs, plans for the newly purchased corner building will be finalized after Tovey’s return from her European vacation.

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