A new exhibit called “Then and Now” opens at the Key Peninsula museum at the civic center Feb. 4, 1 to 4 p.m. The Vaughn Library Hall, recently donated to the KP Historical Society by Donna and Gary Docken, will be highlighted. Pictures of the early construction of the hall and changes that have been made over the years, including current photos, are part of the display.

The exhibit also presents many historical pictures of schools, commercial buildings, bridges and other structures, paired with contemporary photos showing what those locations look like today. KP residents are invited to participate in the display by contributing their own “then and now” photos.

The library hall, located near the end of Hall Road close to Vaughn Bay, is still being cleaned, with 22 truckloads of debris already hauled away. These include trips to the dump with recycling, scrap metal and wood from careful demolition. Removing paneling off the walls has revealed the height of the stage, location and size of the original windows, a pass through and counter between the hall room and kitchen, and clues to the history of the changing location of the front door.

“The discovery of the original wainscoted wall was an exciting day,” said KPHS President Judy Mills. “It’s rather like being on an archaeological dig as the past comes alive again.”

KPHS continues to ask the public for any pictures, mementos or memories of the hall that may be stashed away. They are especially interested in finding interior photos, as there are few of those.

Regular museum hours are Tuesdays and Saturdays from 1 to 4 p.m., though special visits can be arranged by calling 884-2511 or 884-5403.

For more information, visit their webpage at http://www.keypeninsulamuseum.org or facebook.com/KPHistoricalSociety.

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