Jeremy Nimrick, in the red shorts, takes down Mike Devose during the MMA Throw Down at the civic center. Photo by Ed Johnson, KP News

A well-behaved crowd packed the Key Peninsula Civic Center for the Mixed Martial Arts Throw Down event June 26.

Seats were $25 for bleachers, and $35 for floor seats. The VIPs paid $45 and the seats were packed in tightly together. Parking for the event was $7.

Key Peninsula fighter Jeremy Nimrick, representing Team Show, won his fight in less than a minute against Mke Devose who represented Evolution Martial Arts of Tacoma.

After his win Nimrick called his girlfriend Heather Washington into the ring and proposed to her. She accepted.

Three other Key Peninsula fighters included Austin Wheat, who won his fight, and Matt Johnson and Chris Orten.

Mixed Martial Arts is a full contact sport that allows a mixture of fighting styles as well as martial arts in competitions. It is also known as Freestyle Fighting and No Holds Barred.