At last we have a paper worth reading (KP News April 2016). I applaud the article “Follow the Rules.” Great news about The Mustard Seed Project. Regarding Dick Schwartz’s letter on the cost of health care, I would remind him he lives in the greatest nation on the face of the Earth.

If he wants the truth about socialism, I would refer him to Norway, Britain and Canada, where the government runs the medical system. Our system may not be the best, and it’s gotten worse under Obama, but compared to the rest of the world it beats whatever is in second place. Lastly, I want to congratulate the editor for showing a sensitivity to our peninsula life I have not seen before. He has by his column, “From the Editor’s Desk,” inspired me to do more than smile at my neighbor at the market or in the bank. I want to get to know them better.

Richard A.M. Dixon, M.S., B.S.


Cost of Health Care
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