Vehicle fire lands one person in the hospital; homeowner from his house. Photo courtesy of Key Peninsula Fire Department

Yesterday, Feb. 23, Key Peninsula firefighters responded to a report of a vehicle on fire that rolled into a house in the 2100 block of Lake Drive, near Palmer Lake.

According to a press release from Chief Guy Allen, when firefighters arrived they found the vehicle well involved with flames impinging on the house. 

Two occupants of a later-model Jeep said the vehicle caught fire while they were driving along Lake Drive. 

Allen said they went off the road when flames came from under the dash, then, the vehicle bumped into the house. 

“The male driver, in his 30s suffered critical burns over 70 percent of his body after not being able to get his seatbelt to unlatch with flames on the interior,”Allen said.

He eventually got it unlatched and exited the vehicle before firefighters arrived. 

The victim was treated by medics and transported to Tacoma Narrows Airport to meet the Airlift Northwest helicopter for rapid transport to a Seattle burn center.

Allen said the other occupant reported having problems with the fuel pump prior to the fire. 

The home suffered some damage from the fire. It had a broken window and some heat and smoke damage to the interior. The lone male occupant of the residence was not injured, but will not be able to stay in his home until repairs can be made, Allen said.

Source: Key Peninsula Fire Department

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