Gamesmanship by the Peninsula School District lowers their credibility and prevents real solutions to upgrading our schools. The latest reason to vote for school bonds is “overcrowding.” They are threatening parents with year-round schools and 5 a.m. start times to get votes. 

Consider that PSD currently makes room for over 200 out of district students, the 2016 PSD redistricting plan to rebalance enrollment was tabled for lack of need, class sizes average 18 for K-8th grade and total district enrollment is less than it was 10 years ago.

The problems endemic of the PSD are poor long-term planning and underfunded maintenance resulting in a “wear ’em out, tear ’em down” mentality. Portable buildings costing millions ($3.4 million approved in March 2018) are knee-jerk reactions to facility needs.

Vote no Feb. 12 and start the real work with careful planning, cost control and maintenance of our existing facilities and keep special interests out of our pocketbooks.

Dan White
Co-Founder of Responsible Taxation of Citizens
Fox Island