Photo by Danna Webster, KP News

Pastor Tim Stobbe led the first services in the new Waypoint Church building on Thanksgiving Eve and first Sunday worship on Nov. 29.

The leadership team plans to “keep it simple” while they all get acquainted with the new facility and settle in. The New Year will bring some more changes in programs.

The sanctuary, with large windows offering a view of trees across the road, seats 250 people, but “overflow” can expand into the adjacent fellowship area. The sanctuary chairs can be moved and stacked to allow extension of fellowship activities into the larger area.

A bright commercial grade kitchen may someday be used for emergency shelter meals.

A combined prayer room and library add a new dimension to this facility. An unusual baptismal is portable, to be used inside or out, depending on the weather.

Halogen lights, and automatic lights in a few rooms, like kitchen and bathroom, are up-to-date inclusions in this multi-purpose building.

Four new classrooms focus on different learning opportunities. One is for music, another for drama with a stage, a third contains a range and sink for craft and cooking projects, and the fourth is for science and culture, with six computers and cabinets of maps and charts to engage the student minds.

Christian Education Director Christine Webster is excited about the possibilities with these classrooms. A rotation Sunday school is planned to start in January. After a Children’s Church service, each of four age groups will have a navigator in the WayPoint Harbor Sunday School. The groups will rotate classrooms with different kinds of activities each week.

They might play rhythm instruments one week, use puppets the next, and create a craft or edible treat the following week, and work with computers the next Sunday.

Many possibilities await the congregation, without their own building for 3 ½ years, since a fire destroyed the Vaughn Community Church on Palm Sunday in 2006. In that time, there have been a lot of changes – locations, pastor, their name and some of the membership.

It is an exciting time to settle in and look to a bright future in their new home.

Call the church office, 853-7878, for more information.

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