Neighbors, I have heard misinformation being spread around the community, on Facebook and here in letters to the editor, and feel that someone needs to counter the false narrative.

Hope Recovery Center is planned to be a quality-run, nonprofit, alcohol and drug treatment center similar to Olalla treatment center but without the detox element. Hope is not going to be a medical facility. It is intended to provide a tranquil environment where people can reflect on life and work to save their family in a quiet, rural space. They would like to help people beyond the normal insurance cut-off and teach the individual how to transition back into society.

The story that the zoning isn’t right is a lie. The county has already approved the location and now seeks a public review to set the conditions of the Conditional Use Permit. “Conditions” would be things like requiring a natural buffer. No change to the zoning is required. The No on HRC group has filed an appeal, delaying the public hearing.

Rural-10 designation allows schools, churches, fire stations, camps and many other uses. HRC will not open the door to commercial uses in the R-10 like you are being told. HRC needs to be in a quiet, rural, tree-lined area, not in a high traffic zone.

HRC is not planned to be a government-run methadone clinic. They will not take violent offenders from the prison system and set them free in the community, like the elderly woman I met with last week was told. They will, however, take you if the court orders you into treatment for your DUI.

We seem to “have a failure to communicate,” or maybe it’s just a failure to listen. We are having a game of “pass the gossip” and it is getting more outlandish the more it goes unchecked. But the truth will prevail. Hope is needed here.

Chuck West, Lakebay resident and one of the authors of the KP Community Plan