The Friday after Election Day 2009, Division Chief Chuck West, Commissioner Al Yanity, and Commissioner Chair Ruth Bramhall reported the levy vote results to the Key Peninsula Business Association. Photo by Danna Webster, KP News

More voters cast their votes concerning the levy question for Fire District 16 than for any of the local commissioner contests. Division Chief Chuck West reported the results to the Key Peninsula Business Association, Nov. 6. He described the “NO” campaign, advocated by Fire Commissioner Al Yanity, as a campaign against the fire department.

“The campaign against us is painting us as drug addicts and fat. I think the campaign is misguided,” West said and then turned to his left to speak directly to Yanity, “I understand that you think you are doing right but it is hurting what we are doing and that is serving this community.”

It is West’s interpretation that voters did not like the negative campaign and they are “not voting for the levy until Al is gone,” he said.

Yanity responded that he knew of five incidents of drug and alcohol abuse by the department. “I get the exact opposite from people than Chuck gets,” Yanity said.

West also reported the morale of the department is down.

“We are doing all we can to keep staff but we are losing them,” and finished by reporting, “I am dropping my name in the hat for some of the outside jobs,” West said.

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