Two iPad minis can be won at a drawing offered by the Pierce County Library System which is holding its eighth annual library card drive from Oct.1 through the 31.

The drawing can be entered by signing up for a library card, or signing a friend up for a card, in which case both persons are entered. Sign up at any of the 18 library branches located throughout Pierce County.

Established in 1946, the Pierce County Library System includes unincorporated Pierce County and 15 cities and towns. The library system serves 564,000 people, is the fourth largest library system in the State, and lends more than 7.5 million items each year.

The Pierce County Library System is not a part of the Pierce County government. It is a separate municipal government, with property taxes funding 96-percent of its operating costs.

In 2013, the Pierce County Library System was awarded the National Medal for Museum and Library Service.

The Key Center Library Branch, by itself, has 31,924 items to loan, which includes books, books on tape, music CD’s, DVD’s and student educational kits. If the Key Center Branch doesn’t have it, you can request that it be sent from a branch that does have it, so that it is available for check out from Key Center.

The Key Center Branch “owns” 5,993 DVD’s.  Five thousand of those are movies, with the rest being non-fiction.

The Key Center Library is open everyday except Sunday, and can be reached at (253) 548-3309.