When I first moved to the Key Peninsula as the principal of Peninsula High School in 1997, I was impressed by the area’s beauty, but I soon came to be more impressed by the people of this community. We have come together over and over again to resolve local issues and problems. 

The upcoming school bond addresses an education crisis in our community, and I implore our neighbors to come together again to pass this bond. It is no longer a conversation about “prettier” versus “more functional.” One or two portables may have been inconvenient, but one-third of classrooms in portables, professionals trying to teach students in hallways and closets, and overcrowded central areas means our facilities are more stressful, less effective environments for children and teachers. 

As I visit our schools, I see dedicated groups of educators, engaged families and community members trying to make the best of aging, overcrowded facilities. It is time for us to make our children and the quality of their education our number one priority. This bond will build two new elementary schools, plus replace our two oldest, Evergreen and Artondale. Please join me in voting “yes” for the upcoming bond. 

Patricia Scott