To all of you who want to protect the Key Peninsula from Hope Recovery Center:

HRC would be taking up very little space, water and roadway compared to what is already happening on the KP.

Haven’t you noticed all the logging going on? Haven’t you seen all the new houses being built? All of this means more and more people moving to the KP in search of more affordable housing. Their children will only add to the classroom sizes. How many more can our present kindergarten through high school classes handle? And our main roads can hardly handle the traffic now. 

You can’t stop growth from happening. In the not so distant future, there will be the need for another school or two. Perhaps another fire station, a larger grocery store such as Fred Meyer, more gas stations and to top this list—a new post office with lots of parking to replace the already too small building in Home. Key Center and Lake Kathryn already have some of these services in or near them. Where do you think these services will go? They will need acreage and water and lots of both. 

There will also be a need for more doctor offices, perhaps an urgent care facility, and more restaurants too. These businesses may be able to get set up at Lake Kathryn, if there’s room. Either way they will need water and add to traffic. 

At my age I may not get to see these changes, but they are coming. Why not protect the peninsula from growth? Your energy could be put to better use than protecting it from a needed facility like HRC.

Kathleen Best, Lakebay