From playgrounds to sports fields, from a wheelchair-accessible path to a rugged trail in the forest, there is something for everyone in your local parks.

Gateway Park: A 72-acre park purchased in 2012. Following public workshops, the parks commission approved a master plan including sports fields, playground, restrooms, a splash pad and an amphitheater. Its proximity to 360 Trails allows for a trailhead from Gateway Park. Located at 10405 State Route 302 in Wauna.

360 Trails: 360 acres of land that includes trails accessible to walkers, equestrians and mountain bikers, just south of Gateway Park. The main trail is large and open and takes about an hour to walk. Smaller trails cut back and forth in the woods and intersect with the main trail. Located at 10905 144th St. NW in Wauna.

Home Park: A small park with a playground, picnic shelter and restroom facilities. Located at 17220 8th Avenue Court KPN in Home.

Key Central Forest: A 480-acre parcel including forestland and Vaughn Creek. There are many trails, but they dead end and may be rough. Sturdy shoes with good ankle support are encouraged. Visitors are free to park at the gate and walk in. Located at 10527 Wright Bliss Road KPN near Vaughn.

Rocky Creek Conservation Area: 224 acres of woodlands, wetlands and two streams (Glee Creek and Rocky Creek) with 3 miles of walking trails, two benches and a trailhead kiosk. Parking available at the trailhead. Located at State Route 302 at 150th Avenue between Vaughn and Victor.

Maple Hollow: A 58-acre site with a circle trail and access to a stretch of beach with views of Mount Rainier. It has a wheelchair-accessible trail and a picnic area. Located at 4411 Van Beek Road KPN in Lakebay.

Taylor Bay: A 39-acre parcel with over 600 feet of shoreline access to Taylor Bay including a pocket estuary, mudflats, lagoon, salt marshes, two creeks, forested uplands, riparian areas and open meadows. Current amenities are water access, nonmotorized boat access and picnic tables. Proposed plans include possible public access for kayaking, hiking and educational purposes. Located at 17916 76th Street KPS in Longbranch.

Volunteer Park: A 20-acre park with softball fields, picnic areas, skateboarding park, horseshoe pits, half-court basketball, wheelchair-accessible walking trail, trails, restrooms, concessions stand, nine-hole disc golf course and outdoor concert area. Located at 5514 Key Peninsula Highway N. in Lakebay.

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